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Overriding Rust derivation

Due to the complexity of buildRustPackage you cannot merely use overrideAttrs to override a Rust derivation. For version changes in particular, you must also override the cargoDeps attribute (see here).

For example, to override pkgs.just to a later release,

self: super: {
  just = super.just.overrideAttrs (oa: rec {
    name = "${oa.pname}-${version}";
    version = "1.27.0";
    src = super.fetchFromGitHub {
      owner = "casey";
      repo = oa.pname;
      rev = "refs/tags/${version}";
      hash = "sha256-xyiIAw8PGMgYPtnnzSExcOgwG64HqC9TbBMTKQVG97k=";
    # Overriding `cargoHash` has no effect; we must override the resultant
    # `cargoDeps` and set the hash in its `outputHash` attribute.
    cargoDeps = oa.cargoDeps.overrideAttrs (super.lib.const {
      name = "${name}-vendor.tar.gz";
      inherit src;
      outputHash = "sha256-jMurOCr9On+sudgCzIBrPHF+6jCE/6dj5E106cAL2qw=";

    doCheck = false;
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