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Juspay - Nix Engineer (Remote)


Posted on May 21, 2024

Juspay is looking to add a 3rd member to our Nix team. The position is full-time and remote.

The role primarily involves nixifying our internal projects - which are written mostly in Haskell, but also Rust, PureScript, ReScript, Python and several other languages and tools. We use flake-parts wherever possible to provide a simpler Developer Experience. To get a sense of what you will mostly be working on, see the Nix in nammayatri. The role can potentially involve some Rust work as well. Contributing to Open Source is encouraged; you may view our Open Source Nix projects on GitHub.

The ideal candidate is:

  • Motivated about writing Nix
  • Cares about improving Developer Experience
  • Communicates clearly & writes good documentation 1

To apply, send the Nix contributions you are most proud of (along with your résumé) by email or X DM.

In additional to internal documentation, you will be encouraged to post tutorials and write blog posts on this very website.